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1911 5" "Bushing ONLY" Full User Adjustability 9mm 40S&W .45ACP "9 Forces Combination"


Without having any additional alterations done to the firearm itself, the DPM Systems Technologies mechanical recoil reduction system is a direct replacement for the manufactured stock guide rod.  This recoil management system works due to the multi spring intricate rod (three spring system) and controls how the gun functions. The recoil reducer system produces advanced recoil reduction by slowing down before impact with the frame of the firearm. Additional external springs are included, and in some cases spacers, so the shooter can fine-tune their firearms to match their personal needs.  While eliminating any slamfire and double feed jams, this recoil reduction spring takes care of any possibility of malfunctions. Therefore obtaining this kit in the users pistol makes it safer and easier to use.